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Excerpt from the book, “ALI400: The Blueprint To Saving The World With Positive Hip Hop, One Community At A Time… for dummies!’…

“In 2016, the youth of our world awaken EACH & every morning to a world of boundaries defined by war, propaganda, poverty, religious perversity, spiritual depravity, endless lust and senseless greed. 

And thus “global-corporate-greed” is the remedy prescribed , by a wealthy elite to the poor, as the sole means of attaining a life such as 


And thus many of the youth of our world sing quite a different tune than that which their for-Fathers would desire. Yea, Today’s youth sing songs of anguish and horror, yea.. songs of misery and war are of the order of the day.. 

songs of misogyny & sexual liberalism..songs which ring of debauchery and murder, uninhibited lust and hyper-materialism.. 

Yet, these songs also reflect their longing for freedom, the insensitivity of tyranny, the hypocrisy of debt-based slavery, and so on.. 

For alas, 

this is all that we…who sing..in 2016.. 

have ever known!”



Jacksonville’s Yungeen Ace shares official video for ‘Opp Boyz’

Yungeen Ace, a young rapper with unique hair, addressed his opps on his latest release, ‘Opp Boyz’. The twenty-three-year-old performs the lyrics in a parking lot whilst his friends ride around in the distance. He wants to put his city (Jacksonville, Florida) on the map. If he continues to rack up the video views (‘All In All’) he’s been able to get and appear on viral songs like Spinabenz’s ‘Who I Smoke’, he may achieve his goal. Watch the visual below from his forthcoming debut album ‘Life of Betrayal 2x’. It comes as a follow-up to his lead single, ‘Gun

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Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless [Review]

Sennheiser announced the latest edition to its in-ear personal audio offerings, the CX 400BT True Wireless, earlier this month. Following the release of its higher priced MOMENTUM True Wireless 2, this product aims to be an accessible, everyday iteration of its earbuds and True Wireless technology, seemingly targeting the commuter and city dweller as its customer..  The brand also celebrates its 75th anniversary with the release of a special edition of its HD 800 S headphones.  So how does this model shape up to its specs? Nuts and Bolts It’s no surprise that a revered legacy brand like Sennheiser would provide tangible quality in

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Album Review: Mello Music Group—Bushido

I genuinely can’t remember the last time I heard a good label compilation album. This art seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years, which I view as a travesty. I could lay the blame for this at the feet of internet streaming and the age of the playlist, but what’s the point. As a young, fanatical hip-hop digger, like many others I was put on to some of my most enduring artists through these label showcases. Old Project Blowed and Def Jux tapes created not only a prime selection of the best its roster had to offer, but also a feel

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